Dunedin Chinese Garden, Otago New Zealand

Dunedin Chinese Garden, New Zealand

Dunedin Chinese Garden is based in the city of Dunedin, in southern New Zealand. It is located on a site next to the Otago Settlers' Museum close to the centre of the city, and close to other numerous city tourist attractions, including the Dunedin Railway Station and the Queen's Gardens.

The garden is named Lan Yuan (). This name was specifically chosen to be significant on a number of levels. The character lan () is the third character in the Chinese name for New Zealand (Xin xi lan, R), as well as being part of the name of the Yulan magnolia, popularly thought of as the flower of Dunedin's sister city Shanghai.

The garden commemorates the contribution of Chinese people to the history and culture of Dunedin. Dunedin has had a long history of Chinese settlement, with many Cantonese people settling in and around the city at the time of the Central Otago Gold Rush in the late 1858 to1860s, only some 15 years after Dunedin was founded. Over two percent of the city's population is of Chinese descent as a result.

The first Chinese Mayor of the City Mr Peter Chin, who was elected in 2004, was the driving force behind assuring the Chinese Gardens was built as a treasure and asset to this city and the future generations of all people. Of course most of the chinese heritage naturally belongs to its own peoples.


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